How to Hang Up Your Metal Print in 5 Easy Steps


If you read my post on How to Know Which Print is Right For Your Needs then you know that I LOVE metal prints. They are fairly new to the game, but I cannot say enough how much I think they rock. Now that you have one (or two) of your own, let me show you how easy it is to hang them up. Hint: it's really really easy. 

Tools you need: tape measure, hammer, and two matching screws/nails (I used just one pair of the three sets, but I could have used any of them).

1I3A0495 copy.jpg


Step 1: Find the center of the wall that you are wanting to hang your print on (I guess depending on how large the space is), and mark a dot with a pencil. 

Step 2: Measure the length between two holes on the back of the mount (dotted line), you can really hang from the upper/bottom holes, or the side holes I just prefer sides. 

1I3A0498 ccopy.jpg

Step 3: Divide that measurement by two, and use that number to measure out from the center of your original pencil dot. 

Step 4: Hammer/screw your nails or screws in to the holes. They have to be in fairly far in order for the print to hang flat against the wall.

Step5: The last, and trickiest step. Be careful not to touch the front of the print and smudge it, but take the print (mount pointed away from you) and fit the mount holes onto the nails/screws. This took me a time or two to get the length of the nails correct, but once it's up.....woohoo! GORGEOUS. 


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