Which print is the right one for my wall?

You’ve found the photo that speaks to your soul, you’ve even picked your size, but what type of print should you choose? There are five soon to be six types of prints in the Circle Bar Shop and each one is unique.

Unframed Print


“Printed on the latest Fuji Crystal Archive Super Type PD - Professional Lustre finish paper - for more vivid color reproduction, improved highlight detail and brilliant image quality. Lustre paper is a semi-gloss paper with vibrant colors and excellent skin tones.” -ProDPI

Maybe you have had a frame sitting in your closet for a couple of years, or maybe you even just want to search for your own, this is the print choice for you. The possibilities are endless.

Metal Print

You've+picked+out+your+photo,+you+even+know+what+size+you+want,+but+then+you+click+the+%22material%22+drop+down+menu+and+you're+just+not+quite+sure+which+print+style+is+right+for+you. .jpeg

“Metal prints are the perfect statement pieces. Using an innovative dye sublimation process, they are printed directly onto high quality aluminium for a clean and lasting finish, while showing off vibrant colors for an impressive display. They come with foam blocks with pre-drilled holes making them easy to hang.” -ProDPI

A recent arrival on the wall art scene, they are my favorite. So easy to hang and the quality is better than real life. I promise I am not exaggerating on that last part, and it’s the main reason I love them. Canvases tend to sacrifice quality and sharpness due to their texture, you’ll never have to worry about that with a metal. I mentioned that they are easy to hang, and literally all you need is 2 screws or nails and a little bit of patience (the hard is part is finding the holes…).

Standout Print


“These 3/4" standouts have a black plastic edging that encases lightweight foam. Sleek and slightly textured, it is a great lightweight, durable backing solution for your larger-sized prints. The back panels contain pre-drilled holes making them easy to hang on simple nails or screws.” -ProDPI

A cheaper alternative to canvas and metal, these prints still maintain amazing quality, and are very lightweight.

Canvas Prints

You've+picked+out+your+photo,+you+even+know+what+size+you+want,+but+then+you+click+the+%22material%22+drop+down+menu+and+you're+just+not+quite+sure+which+print+style+is+right+for+you. -2.jpeg

“Canvases are designed to turn any photo into a beautiful piece of art. Using the latest in ECO printing technology, canvases are printed on 400GSM white poly-cotton canvas for excellent color rendition, saturation and sharpness. These canvases measure 1 1/2in in depth and come ready to hang. Keep in mind that the photo will be cropped to best fit on the canvas.”

A tried and true print medium, and they sure make a good statement piece. If you are worried about cropping you have the option to choose a black edge (making the whole photo fit on the face of the canvas).

Walnut Hanging Photo Frame by Whiskey Ginger


“Each set contains 4 wooden strips, made of walnut wood, embedded with strong magnets that sandwich your artwork firmly in place. Each magnet is embedded below the surface to leave artwork in perfect condition. All poster frames are handmade to order and take up to 1-2 weeks.”

A unique wall art piece, and the most casual print that I offer in my store. To choose a Matte photo rather than gloss write “matte” in the notes of your order. Wood color varies.

Coming Soon: Barnwood Framed Print


“The size of the photo will accommodate a picture smaller than the size purchased. For example, if you purchase the 5x7 Wood Float Picture Frame it will work for a 4x6 photo or smaller.It can be hanged vertically as well as horizontally. So, you can hang it on your wall or use it as a table top frame for your office desk.” - Barnwood USA

Plexiglass Cover.

Cannot wait to have these available in the shop. Coming January 2019


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